Photo by Cricket 3/23/06

Shared Blessings:Women to Women 7/4/07

What made these four women travel 3 days to get to Rosebud, SD?

Cricket Hanna, Paula Stimpson, Pebbles Sillars, and Susan Carrigan
This was an ALL volunteer effort to give the Lakota Women on the Rosebud Reservation a day of being loved and honored.

......AND 173 Lakota Women Showed Up!
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The Click Horning Trio performs at the June 3rd Fundraiser
at the Mount Kearsarge Indian Museum in Warner, NH
Justin Ferrin, Click Horning, Joanie Horning
Click organized the music day. Thanks, Click!

The Tribal Office of the President issued a Proclamation for the Day
...Whereas, the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, along with the National Congress of American Indians, declared the women of our tribe as a national treasure; and
...Whereas, Lakota Women hold a special place in our society as the keepers of the generations; and
...Whereas, women who are friends of the Lakota, in the spirit of good will, have come voluntarily to honor the women of our tribe with a massage, energy work, manicures, gifts, and refreshments; and
...Whereas, this gathering will be held in honor of the Sigangu women at the Rosebud Hospital waiting room; now
Therefore be it resolved, that I, Rodney M. Bordeaux, President of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, on behalf of the People, hereby declare July 4, 2007, as
Honoring the Women of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Day
Across the Rosebud Reservation, the homeland of the Sicangu Lakota

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I block printed "Women are Sacred" on the 100 bags in my small kitchen!

We lined them up and filled them July 3, 2007

Barbara arrived from Boulder to help!

Setting up that morning!

Leslie Sigala, Massage Therapist from Rosebud massaged women all day!

Diane Dulude arrived from Hill City, S.D. to massage womens hands!

Julie Emery goofs off! She was responsible for much of the success,giving the women the invitations and acquiring gifts from the Tribal Relief.

Pebbles Sillars holds a baby so mom can get massaged!

Women made jewelry with beads donated.

Shannelle Rico painted nails!

Sunset at Ghost Hawk Park, Rosebud.


Volunteers went for a "giving and pampering Day" for the Lakota Women on the Rosebud, South Dakota Reservation. Energy Workers, Massage Therapists, Beauticians, Artists! We caravaned from New England on June 30, 2007. It took 3 days to get to Rosebud. People came from other locations, Barbara from Boulder, and Diane and Kelly from Hill City, SD.

We shared our talents there and pampered the women. July 4th was the magic day!

We put together gift packages for the women : Beauty products, jewelry, etc.
It was a shared vision of love and abundance! Thank You!

May Peace come more and more.