I have finally put together here, the highlights from books I have read over the years. I am big on the bottom line.

There is much of the Great Mystery we cannot know on this Earth plane, however, through this compilation of information, I will give my perspective on the essences of our commonality which we may have forgotten.

We can find again our oneness, our common bond, our unconditional love, if we choose that experience.

In 2001, I channeled a message from spirit, which I have put for the title of this book. I feel non-judgment can be achieved if we actually do, "Love each soul for what the Universe knows they are". I think this phrase lets us off the judgment hook! Prejudices and other workings of the mind create separation. We are not separate.

We need to try to let go of looking at someone through our filters, because as we judge their behavior or whatever, we again create a separation.

If we work to abandon our attachment to our personal experiences (like feeling sorry for ourselves), it really pays off! Experiences good or not good are simply signposts for our soul's journey. If you are butting your head against a problem, it is the Universe coaxing you to move on.

Everything we do, think, feel, and say has a effect on everything else. We are interconnected through a matrix of energy whose essence is love.

What we do in the matrix, stays in the matrix! (Note: the word "matrix" may be interchanged with "Bahamas".Ha!) No matter where we are, we are in the matrix and we influence ourselves and others with everything we do at ALL times.

Shamans take their work seriously, but not themselves. This is a good point.You are a temporary piece of your permanent soul.Take your soul journey seriously, but not yourself. Let things slide that do not serve your soul's growth, or are of no importance in the big picture. Negative emotions DO negatively influence your body's wellness.

The choice is ours. I hope we can come together in the Collective Consciousness. The Shift of the Ages is upon us. This is our metamorphosis.