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Energetics of the Time Continuum


Again we are here to be with all and begin telling such that is for all time. Instead of beginning with praise we must start out by telling our perspective of what went wrong.
Forgotten is not always the best we can hope for. If we learn nothing, so be it, but it is worth something.
Before all those sought after facts are revealed, we choose to let you in on something. Assuming nothing had relevance may be somewhat illusionary.
Foreshadowing somewhat here, not drawing conclusions. Never underestimating a breakthrough in information, be it from the past or the future, for there is no time consideration.
It happens for all time. When you attune yourselves to it, it can possibly help.

We have been seeing things from all sides. We come in Love. Forgotten are those basic and fundamental pieces of the puzzle of life. Resting now is not an option, for as this information comes forth, we must accept or reject or at least consider the possibilities.

For now comes shared resources of time honored details that are open heartedly put forth to help and heal. Forgotten only temporarily, systematically erased from present thinking.

Stealing away from sounds or vibratory tones coming in through those channels, created concentrated thought-forms, arising for other purposes. There can be a reconnection now for the sake of all that is.
Promising changes can result. Channeled energies converging. Placating. Simmering on the back burner for so long now. We are so pleased to help.

We are Algernon, for what it is worth. Aligning here are the necessary forms of thought. Letting much more come forward is bringing us joy for we have waited for this to happen.

Seeing a favorite field research expert coming along here forecasts convergence. Being not only present but centered along with being prosperous finds our chore lightened.
But enough of that now, I am here to help.

Astrologically speaking sentience confirms what can be known. Knowingness begets sentience. Simultaneous senses confirm what is. Allowance for something otherwise misused if not connected. You see, forever always there has manifested that interconnection. Without sense of it we stray from our commonality.

Fourteen thousand destructive concepts submit to one powerful truth. Senses converge along the way as more insight provides for something salutatory beyond our midst. Creation's common thread evokes our senses now and tells a story for us to share. Be still and let it flow for it is again for all.

So much kindness has fallen away from templates of divinity. For it is divine love that transmutes fallen kindness. Settling in kind along mutual oneness forgives so much for so many.

Prepare another course for someone has discovered the template. Through it comes progress exponentially rising above torrents of negative sources. Forgiving is not the issue here. Allowing only for the possibilities without constraints.

Proceed now on a course sought out for it's simplicity. Connecting across fields sewn for this exact purpose without interference. Tilling deeply. Blending what is beneath with what is on the surface. Exposing roots along the way. Chronology exposed for it requires some resurfacing.

Below the artifacts resemble something akin to purpose of thought. Thoughts reflect again what has remained untouched or latent. Latency only on the surface. Taproots extend far beyond ordinary reality and meet with creative forces. Unseen sketches of time prepare composites. Complexity translates to simplicity. Simplicity evokes preparedness for saturation of the senses beyond familiarity. Some process beyond reach alters standing rules of order commanding a sense of unity upon itself.

Power resides within the tapestry of knowledge. Something substantial reverts to something known before threads yielded to their course. Another trial begins shifting awareness across unfolding dimensions of time. Traveling along interconnected portals requires forethought only as it pertains to quietude. It becomes somewhat skewed without allowing forces' forthcoming coalescence, when peace hides in the distance.

Placing emotional obstacles prevents or at least prolongs the flowing along the pathways for convergence. Something weighs out more by presentation on the subjective level of trials applied to past experience. Forget what has stirred before and apply energies to another way of being. Connect outside of the position of strength that conspires to skew.

Providing substantial provisions for the journey to oneness relies only on acquisition of self, for self feeds the soul.   Without self a conquering hero knows no limits as it pertains to forethought of reason. Coming so close now are the forgotten qualifications that prefer a place among us. Nothing withstands our purpose of thought quite like knowledge.

Falling into a ritualistic environ has kept the point at bay, progressively as this brought about a faltering of the sensitivities. Perhaps now we can move forward in Light.

Being not afraid is a promised result. Allowing for ourselves to conquer without seeing victory as power over the other, for that remains a victory then over ourselves.

Preparing for the next step brings us to where we stand, collectively. There is no other way that allows convergence of All. Proper attire precludes nothing for we bring to the table our naked truths. Our collective truth. Bathe in it!

Kind salutations come across time as waves cleanse the water of our unity. Have prosperity. Begin allowing for a shift. Having said this, we continue on together.

Positive, loving situations now arise. Forget what will bring you to distrust of the process and believe what comes along as a result. Guidance intuited.

Play along with a moment without restraint or restricting. We will now begin a new dialogue. With this we will start a series of chapters aimed at pleasing the senses for all time.

The opportunity here is for all sides of the equation. Blessings forward.


Properties of Thought

Hoping for a time to communicate has come at last, and we hope you enjoy what comes through our collective group. Introduced in the forward as Algernon, we are a collection of light and the information that coalesces. Across this spatial existence we bring our perspective to prepare for another step in the evolution of the oneness.

Let our heartfelt messages come along the vibrational links, forever. As far as we know
our plan creates just a connection to those who wish our perspective. It blends nicely in the water. Let our words be as raindrops falling into you.


Properties of thought :

Like a sensual private waveform, thoughts take us to where we are standing at the crossroads of belief and knowingness. If we can believe our positioning to be subliminal without calling on our prerequisites, then we are doing good work.

Possibly entrenched in the conscious persuasion, it may facilitate an altering along the way. Allow probabilities to enforce the strength of consternation to a place of resolve.

Pervasiveness shows intellectual process another situation as it plays to subvert. Calling upon collections of time honored creative forces without holding back, previous callings dismiss qualifications no longer of service. Out of this comes another spelling of the words so to speak, an alternative to status quo.

Perhaps this can be revealed within the selfhood, the source-hood, along with power's fortunate gain. Along now comes a residing in the hearts of All. We do not say this lightly, for pretense serves nothing.

Casually embarking sometimes allows Light in. No pressure here. Continue as before without creating illusion. Does this make sense to you?

Positive energies are telling as it pertains to synchronistic behaviors. Allowing the flowing of the water, the wind, the heartbeat to be as always there, just seemingly resonating further into a collective response.

Before we go into more innate learnings, we come to a place to say that as our collective energies shift simultaneously, please remember another technique is to be fascinated with what is about to occur, for you as well as us. We find this timing is beneficial as the Cosmos concurs. As above, so below, preventing nothing from it's course in the time continuum.

Allowing for thought-less pursuits constructs relevance for the innate-ness or grounding forces to enter. Coming towards our commonality are the senses of true being-ness.   Being is aligning our structuring of ideas to promising heights of contentment, providing for something beyond to be so near.

As the separation takes on nothing more than itself, it no longer serves. Portrayal of division gives way to conquering what has allowed it. Without having a way of separation begins to allow a shifting of the once revered state to creating a space of oneness.

Serving us at this point, to a satisfaction in knowingness, is perhaps what is considered for now a breaking up of policy. Along with this comes the state of fusion instead of confusion. Breaking along the pathways for All That Is are some fashioned ideas accredited with polarization (the process or property by which radiation, especially light, is restricted to vibrate in particular directions), presenting to the properties of thought the crossroads between belief and knowingness.

As a moving occurs to innate power, vibrational messages for all time reach through a foundation towards complete acceptance. Knowingness begetting promise. Outwardly another time has become merged along with the portrayal of senses casually playing, traveling, singing, riding along lifeforce.

Perhaps now we will begin another chapter.

Chapter Two

   Qualities of Force

Emitting joy as a consequence, before another way has brought about traversing into opposites, unfolds our collective accounting for probabilities. Forces of gathering light propose a chain of events focused before our pondering interferes. Structured waves dissipate and gather anew. Planes of diversity now have a chance of using another reference.

Powerful forces enacting Love's intention can offset complacency of the heart. Passing through a visage ultimately surpasses restriction as it pertains to knowingness.

Forceful intent culminates here and gathers strength along the way providing the senses with a freshness of fascination, itself being boundless.

Along with creation's promise comes strength, fortitude. Throughout this is a calling for completion as it pertains to properties unresolved in the mystery. Completion in the sense of allowing openly something else to occupy a place in the heart, pleasing senses as forgotten now are the restrictions of the elemental.

Juxtaposed forces co-create illusiveness in reference to pretense.

Quality of force rests within all as power of the highest accord.

Chapter Three

 Policies of Vision

Visual structuring in the sense of creative forces brings some lightness, and is organized in unison with qualities of power and properties of thought. Each rehearsing its role in the placing of priorities. Can one allow for nothing else but a balance about to be realized?

Properties of thought when reaching the qualities of power enact the policies of vision along truth's highway. Probing further here we come to the alignment of forces gathering in visual light along cosmic choices made manifest.

Complexity reverts to its simplicity in union with energetic prowess. Combined and integrating factors subject justified properties into restructured particles of visual light.

It is within light we reside. Converting plans for the sake of allowance, not creating discord in vibration, pleasing properties of thought grant power the ability of shifting.   Connections rise exponentially and form light.

Light and its inherent mastering of wellness connects beingness with knowledge and transcribes (to convert the genetic code carried by DNA into an equivalent form carried by a molecule of messenger RNA) the forms most available to come forth as one.

Placing another variation here can be a translation for the third dimension as it pertains to qualities of Life.

       Chapter Four

         Qualities of Life

Throughout time has been perhaps a pathway desired as much for its perceived value outlined in progression as for special situations to arise in a plan. Evident are processes outlined along with reveries obtained. Politely beckoning as it has, a sojourn began to unfold along with proverbs directed alternately by connections in dimensional offsets.

Stasis permeated over time in the sense of allowing for basic elemental conditions to prevail. Forgotten understandings justifiably reduced for the plan to unfold.

Coming along now in haste before us is another gem for the fire.

Polished and cut to perfection we submit to the burning desires of a shift the gem of our

priceless concordance.

Coming only from source is the finality entrenched in alignment for the sake of All That Is, creating, hovering, manifesting without restraint, decidedly residing in the wholeness.

Comprised within itself before formations of densities played out the plan, completion plays out only as it applies to memory. Rank supersedes in the matrix forgetting the standard response. Another placing of energetic prowess reclaims itself from source admitting plans for the shift. Chronicled events unfold as timely resurgences complying

along scheduled timelines in nature. Mingling along and merging constructs obey the laws of unity to foster intent.