Lucretia “Cricket” Hanna has been a Nurse Midwife since 1989. Her medical practices have been enhanced since she was initiated into the Mayan Consciousness of Unconditional Love 2002 and living without fear. The word Ma-Ya means “No Pain ” and is a level of consciousness.
Also, Cricket journeyed to Peru 3 times to work with the shamans, and has been a student in the Healing the Light Body School with the Four Winds Society.
The energy medicine has helped people with chronic pain, emotional distress, and anxiety.
Cricket’s first book is titled, “Love Each Soul for What the Universe Knows They Are”, and it provides the reader with tools to cope with what is a near epidemic of living in fear, or with worry.
Quantum Physics has proven scientifically that fear decreases the immune response in the body and that compassion and love increases those chemicals in the body that increases the immune response.

The story of Cricket’s pilgrimage that found her in the Joshua Tree National Park, California on Thanksgiving of 2007 with little money. Twenty dollars to be exact!The midwifery job she was driving out to South Dakota for, was postponed for a month. “I just kept an attitude of gratitude. I trusted the universal purpose for this trip, that if you live without fear and in the present moment, that it will all work out.”
Cricket had put all her worldly goods into storage, and just took off. The house she had been renting in Warner, NH for 6 years was in need of some repairs, so the decision to leave was easy. “It was intuition that directed my journey, I knew I needed to try this in order to put quantum mechanics into motion in my life. I was my own guinea pig! As they say in the movie, “The Secret”, “Thoughts become things”, and keeping the fear away manifests more peace and gratitude.
"Before I left Warner, my vision was about being open to whatever came along. In Joshua Tree there was a petroglyph that I knew I needed to see again, and once that was accomplished, the financial abundance began to flow into my life. If I had started that job in November, I would not have been in Joshua Tree. The petroglyph is a spiral and connected with sacred geometry. It is said that when we connect with certain glyphs, that our sleeping DNA is re-awakened, and we realize our Divine Nature.
The journey brought me home after 3 months, back to Warner, NH where I have lived for 37 years. As soon as I intuited that I was coming home, I was gifted work in Dover, NH, which validated my decision to come home. "