Photo by David Wall 2002

Introduction to Sacred Geometry DVD
with Alberto Haggar Gonzales

Introduction to Alberto's Workshop DVD, 5 1/2minutes

Some of this is being spoken about today, our avenues of evolution, confirming what I call a Knowingness. Our healing takes place as we know our universal truth and live it moment to moment.  Cricket Hanna

Alberto presents Information on:
The Pyramids as Healing Machines
The Merkabah, Hunaab-Ku, and the Kaballah
The Mayan Codex: The Original Blueprints for the Pyramids

Musical scales were the foundations which made up the pyramids
We are Musical Archetypes
Ethereal Body....Your musical archetype pattern
The memory of all the events that have occurred to your Soul, as well as
the impulses you have sent since your creation.

Secrets of Ancient Mayan Science

  Through Sacred Geometry

With Alberto Haggar-Gonzales

The Tzolkin Glyphs Decoded!

Learn about the 20 Glyphs of the Tzolkin
and how they relate to the 20 Alpha Amino Acids. Learn how to interact
with the Sacred Geometry and the Mayan Glyphs, creating a
Harmonious Reality.

Alberto is an Archeoastronomical Researcher who has devoted over 26 years
to deciphering the Keys hidden for Thousands of Years in the Geometrical
patterns of the Pyramids and Temples

Alberto Haggar Gonzales holds a degree in Science and Technology.
He is an author and Teacher of Sacred Geometry.


Ancient Mayan Sacred Geometry, My Story

I met Alberto Haggar Gonzales at the end of the trip. He greeted us all with love.   We had managed somehow to get through the floods following Hurricane Isador (Is A Door). It was just after the Fall Equinox in the Yucatan 2002, and Merida hardly had a tree left following the 11 hour surge of energetics.

We had gathered to fulfill the prophecy, the reactivation of the ancient sacred sites with Crystal Skulls from all over the planet. We had started out in Merida 10 days before for a week long trip.

We had done three days of ceremony in Merida, then moved on to Campeche, then to Palenque.

The storm started in Merida after we left, moved on to Campeche after we left, then the remnants showered us heavily in Palenque, which had not seen rain in some time. We pondered the messages from the earth. Was this a cleansing?

The ponderings ended as we saw the reality of destruction everywhere. Our leader of the trip, Hunbatz Men, Mayan Elder and Daykeeper, did not yet know if his house had survived. Alberto Haggar Gonzales had just experienced the storm of a lifetime.

            When Alberto greeted us as our bus drove into the Los Aluxes Hotel three days late, we could see the relief on his face. He understood the work we had been doing. The five feet of water on the road had delayed our return, and we were tired, but so many people lost their houses, animals, family, possessions, how could we feel anything but gratitude? He mirrored the same.

            I greeted a man on the street, told him I was sorry for what he had endured. His reply, "We can rebuild the house and furniture. We are so happy to be alive. We do not worry about the other things." I reflected on our materialistic society and praised his truth!

  We settled into our rooms, and were invited that night to hear Alberto speak. We walked the flooded streets on that warm night down to a quaint Mexican hotel with an open patio. We gathered to hear Alberto speak of the Sacred Geometry he had been studying for over 20 years.

            He has the ability to create simplicity out of complexity. A workbook guides the learner through the numbers and symbols, the interconnectedness. Out of this, comes the understanding of knowingness as opposed to knowledge. The Sacred Truths are revealed through the science, and the truths are felt in the heart through a reawakening, a reactivating of our DNA, our memory, our collective memory.

            The Sacred Geometry is for our collective purpose, unfolding as a healing wind of change, sought out for it's truth. "The word maya means 'No Pain' and is a level of consciousness, not the name of a people", Alberto says." It is a connection of harmony and equilibrium with everything that is. "      Lucretia Hanna
or cell 603-731-0485


Interested in bringing Alberto to the US? Contact me!
We could do a two day interactive seminar with workbook for $225.00,
but we need a minimum of 20 participants.