November 3, 2009

I received some kind of Download one week ago tonight in Dreamtime in my call room at the Hospital. First my cervical spine was worked on, I was aware, then BAM, I fell back into my body hard.

Next my thoracic spine, and I had that kind of awareness again until, BAM back into my body.

My lumbar spine was next, same experience, then BAM, I fell back into my body with a jump, arms flailing.

I had basically forgotten about the experience until I went for a chiropractic visit with my friend and intuitive.

He noted the shift.

I did receive a message a couple weeks ago from what I perceived as a Pleiadean energetic. I am asked to put the information here.

I am Grateful.


Throughout time we have seen the goings on of a planet in peril. Where is it you choose to go now? Do you know you have the choice moment to moment?

Aligning here and now are possibilities for the change, for those who choose it. Become in your vibration that which you see as your most powerful and loving self, it really is that simple.

Many of you are plagued with fear. That collective pervasive fearing of not having control over everything. We can sense no common good can come out of fear.

As you begin to see us more and more and think about this, lose the kind of sorrow attached to past experiences that are over.

Producing a vibration of fear only feeds the hologram which extends far beyond. Feed the hologram with peace and love and we all attune.

You must understand that this Hologram is all of you, all of us, all the Universes of Universes. If you hurt another you hurt yourself.

We are all one.

Contributing to the Grid matters to existence. Unaccountable persuasions poison the very lifeforce of all that is. Know at all times that we choose our collective future NOW.

No fear, unconditional love, non-judgement. These are profound yet subtle. Fear seems easier and judgement feeds the ego. Oh, yes, did we say lose the ego?

Skewed are the ideas of passion. Passionate elders reflect true passion of the heart, not a brief glimpse of superficial passion of belief that limits the heart.

A time ago we came in the sky with holograms of the keys. The secrets were revealed, the secrets to true life.

We will return with the messages. These will be normal after a while as you accept them.

We are All from Above in Love.

Contained in the messages are your future consciousness and a resource of light. The blueprints contain the hidden lifeforce which is attainable.

Go forward without fear and the messages will allign with your lifeforce. Allow for the possibilities.

Contained within are secrets of the soul.

Substancial knowledge alligns with your lifeforce. Begin a new way of holding sacred space.

Forgotten are the ways of the souls. Begin to trust in the position of power. Come only from there and see your unfolding power as it creates a vision consistent with a soul purpose.

Coming together now is information. Forget the past. Be present in the moment. This does let the

possibilities for all time through.
Connect with your truism. We choose to allow connections to persuade you to your creative side.

Provide a space for the time continuum to set preferences to align with a purpose you have not
believed before this moment.
We come before you in Love of the Highest magnitude.
Our collective purpose evades the past creations of the mind, for the mind is what has skewed the reality of why you have chosen to be here at this cycle of evolution.
Create instead the One.
The oneness of our hearts come to you through the Universal Purpose.
Complete your mission through Love and the Soul will vibrate to our collective condition.
Please Love, for it is the only thing that matters to the Universe.
Have you forgotten Your Divinity?
We have been waiting for this opportunity to serve.
Clear perspectives, unlimited Love. Something akin to Creation's Heartcord evolves now.

Forget the Past and create your future through Love. Love is the answer we have been waiting for.

Coming through time offers so much for so many to evolve.
Time experiences are solving so much now. The condition of fractions in the time element reveals
conditions akin to purpose. Do not evade the conditions set forth on the Time line.
Believe in the Process that has manifested.
Belive in the Godhead, we are masculine and feminine.
Believe, if you choose to see the Goddess as well as the God. They are inseperable.
Continue on as before, but allow for the possibilities of Love's connection to your purpose.

Prepare now for your future as we allow for another way of control. We do not mean control as you have evolved towards. Control means the Central Purpose of all that is.
Letting go of the Ego.

Preparing for the Journey to One.
We come in Love.

We will talk now of the Holograms in the skies. This channel has seen them in dreamtime. The vision reflected our truth. These are the keys and as the visions awaken your collective cellular memory, celebrate with us the Inter-connectedness!

Before these appear, you may see them in dreamtime as well. They are beautiful. The vibration of the visions

coalesce within you and immediately you will not fear anything. Fear is running amuck to push us collectively into another way to hold our sacred space. Letting go of the fear can contain a new organization of the thought waves. This time no one can regress into old patterns. The Planet is looking forward to the Peace which is at hand.

Go out upon your Mother Earth and begin to celebrate and visualize the Planet of Peace. Remember, we create our collective future this very moment. Celebrate her consciousness. Prepare for ceremony. Feed her with your Love.