We are coming through to say our workings and such have proven out over time, and now is the time for your advancement on the Earth Plane.

There is an entity who wishes to speak at this important time, and that is Queen Allara. She has been working to show those who choose, to become the ones to carry fearlessness to another level of consciousness.

Some are doing the work and such at the seminars. You are driven by the desire to share your vibration and teach.

The Unconditional Love you speak of is a true heartfelt condition. We are there with you on this journey.

Observe the synchronicities that occur when you let go of fear and move towards your/our collective destiny.

Look at Arcturus in the sky arching out from the handle of your Big Dipper. The light will guide you towards our level of consciousness.

We will return over time with messages. The Pleiadians have begun the shift and we collectively will pursue the same.

Be grateful for All That Is.

In light, Allara



We collectively return for the sake of all that is.

Coming through our channel is a place for attuning to higher energies that have served you before. If you are listening to this you feel that a Knowingness has found it's way to your heart again.

Rejoice and experience the heart without judgement of others, and with Unconditional Love!


Bring others together in Unity. We are All ONE.

See the Beings of Light in the mirror, it is time to come home. You who choose to read these words
may be having difficulty with the Human condition. Trust that it is this way for a purpose. See others as Divine and let go of the ego's judgement. Offer compassion instead of ridicule.

Look at others as yourself. Become unified in love and compassion. Trust this to be the new way of shifting towards our collective destiny.

In Light, Allara


August 6, 2010

We return again in the light and vibration of All That Is. As we move forward, we should like this manuscript to be published to reach the ones who know this to be Our Universal Truth.

Begin to practice non-judgement. Judgement is integrated into your consciousness but can be shifted. How subtle judgement is! If you pay attention, you will begin to realize how easy it has been to judge.

When you see another who looks unlike you, do you already catagorize them in your subconsciousness? Fat, thin, black white, red, ignorant, foolish.

Let go!

Practice shutting your mind off from the conditioning.

This is a big deal, and takes practice.

In doing so you will shift your vibration and join our consciousness.

In light,



August 10, 2010

Come forward from that place in your hearts. The Judgement comes from an ego's desire to make separate that which is not. Our oneness prevails .

See the other ones as extensions from your heart. Send everything love. Let go of separatist ideas. We are Star people and we are one with you, start looking outside the constricts of your Planet.

As we collectively vibrate to Unconditional Love and Non-Judgement, we heal. We go to Source to heal. Sourse is within us, all of us. There is no limit to Unconditional Love

Reside within and heal.

In Love and Light,



Beconing our collective hearts is a force so pure of light. Light traversing. Light traversing and interconnecting our hearts and traversing to the Great Central Sun.

Allign with your planetary Crystal Core and Source, traverse out to the Great Central Sun.

Ride the light.We await our return to wholeness.

Come together and experience this ceremony of interconnectedness.

Gather groups together to do this.

We have spoken before about the Sleeping people. The people of like-mind in this Spiritual sense can observe what seems now to them to be a waste of energy, being a victim, holding anger, judgement.

Stay in the present moment, the past has served to bring you here and now. Gather like-minds and do the ceremony to the Great Central Sun, staying in the moment.

Gather for our collective destiny!

In Love,




Greetings to all. We come again in light and love. Sound redundant ?

When you understand Light and Love to be your whole truth, you establish a Knowingness.

You need not go anywhere else.

Maintaining the vibraation of Love and Light may be the most difficult for you during the chaos.

Remember, you are not required to get involved in the chaos.

Sit still like our friends the Kogi Mamos. Pray with them.

Bring others together in ceremony, prayer, healing, love.

Imagine you are in the Tyrona Garden in the Sierra de Nevada de Santa Marta.


Be the peace you desire.

In Light and Love,